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1,000 Pakistani pilgrims stuck at Iran border over lack of escort service

Islamabad, July 19, IRNA More than a thousand Pakistani pilgrims have been stuck in Taftan for about a week after crossing Iran border due to lack of enough security forces to provide the pilgrims with escort service from Taftan to Quetta.

The pilgrims returning to Pakistan after performing pilgrimage to holy shrines in Iran and Iraq, must be escorted by the security forces from Taftat to Quetta as the area has seen attacks on buses of travelling pilgrims by sectarian outfits in past.

Stuckup pilgrims told media that for the last five days, they have been facing difficulties in the very hot weather. Lack of suitable accommodation, lack of enough food and drinking water, ... have caused problems for the pilgrims.

Women and children were being affected because of the harsh weather conditions.

There were no waiting areas or shelters for the stranded pilgrims and they were waiting for the government help.

Pakistan security organizations say that almost every day some pilgrims return from Iran, but it is not possible to provide every small group with escort service so the pilgrims have to wait for some time and when they are a big convoy of buses, security forces will escort them to Quetta.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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