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11 members of Haqqani’ terrorist network arrested in Kabul

Kabul, Afghan National Security Agency announced that 11 members of Haqqani network terrorist group were arrested during special forces operations in various areas of Kabul.

Afghan National Security Agency (ANSF) added in a statement on Wednesday that Momen Khan, Sardar Vali, Aziz Allah, Hamed, Mustafa, Mir Agha, 'Monir' and Ehsanullah were arrested in the areas of 'Pancham', 'Twelfth' and Bagrami city of Kabul.

Based on the statement, those arrested during initial interrogations confessed that they were involved in terrorist activities, bombings and assassinations of state officials and tribal elders.

Afghan National Security Agency said weapons, equipment, mines and 300 kilograms of explosives and a motorcycle have been seized from the network.

Over the past few months, the targeted assassination process has increased in Kabul and other Afghan provinces, which has raised concerns among people and government officials.

Two days ago, the candidate for the House of Representatives, Anvar Niazi, was shot dead in Kabul's 12th district by car bombing and four of his bodyguards were wounded.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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