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13th IranAfghanistan Joint Exhibition opens in Herat

Herat, The 13th IranAfghanistan Joint Exhibition opened in the northwestern city of Herat on Monday.

Ali Reza Sadrzadeh, who is in charge of holding exhibitions of Iran Trade Promotion Organization said, Some 30 Iranian and 10 Afghan companies are participating in the ongoing event.

The participants are displaying their capacities and capabilities in the housing, agriculture, industry and home appliances sectors, he said, noting that the exhibition aims to help promote economic relations between Iran and Afghanistan.

Tehran is interested in seeing Afghanistan hold similar exhibition in our country, and we are ready to assist it in this respect, he said.

Meanwhile, Iran's Consul General Mahmoud Afkhami told the inaugural ceremony that trade between Iran and Afghanistan has a long history, and Iran's major foreign policy priority is cooperation with Islamic states, neighbors in particular.

Specialized exhibitions serve as bridges between the businessmen and economic activists, he said, noting that they forge a communication between producers and customers.

The two countries' economic and political relations are positive, Afkhami said, calling for removal of obstacles in the way of banking transactions.

Herat deputy governor general also told the same gathering that private sector plays a crucial role in increasing national revenues and job generation.

Mouneseh Hassanzadeh called on Iran's private sector to invest in Afghanistan's industry.

Located in northwestern Afghanistan, Herat is one of the economic hubs of the country that has common border with Khorasan Razavi Province.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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