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1500 People Leave Aleppo Eastern Neighborhoods with Army’s Help

The army units have secured Sunday departure route for 1500 people from the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo city, after a new batch of families managed to leave the terrorist-besieged neighborhoods earlier today.

Alalam Syria

The army, in cooperation with the concerned sides in Aleppo governorate, transported the families to makeshift housing and provided them with all necessary needs; SANA reported.

Army and Armed Forces units on Saturday evening secured the exit of tens of locals who were besieged by terrorists, and transported them to a safe area, adding that the authorities at the Governorate are working to provide the locals' needs.

Two batches of citizens also exited the neighborhoods of Bustan al-Qaser and al-Saleheen in Aleppo and were transferred to a safe place as their needs were secured by the competent authorities in the Governorate, and before that 23 locals from Hanano area exited the area on Friday evening.

Source; Al Alam

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