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1,600 int’l, domestic correspondents covering Arbeean

Tehran, Spokesman for the headquarters of Arbaeen said that 1,600 foreign and domestic correspondents and 400 television networks from 43 countries cover the great and spiritual ritual of Arbaeen.

Ali alavi said on Wednesday, 'There are also 1,200 foreign experts in different media through the use of 77 'S.N.G' (This is the device that is available to the media to broadcast live coverage) are participating in Arbaeen rituals.'

He noted that according to the plans, two high-speed internet sites will be established for mass media services along the Najaf to Karbala routes at camps numbers '285' and '975'.

Alavi added, 'This year too, due to coordination and obtaining the necessary permissions from Iraq, Radio Arbaeen will be aired throughout the country.'

He said that in this regard 40 different frequencies will be broadcast in different languages on Arbaeen.

The spokesman for the central headquarters of Arbaeen said, 'From Mirjaweh's headquarters for Afghanistan and Pakistan, and from Shalamche, Chazzaba and Mehran borders on the Arbaeean pilgrims' route radio programs will be aired, and the Kurdistan and West Azerbaijan provinces are also on the plan.'

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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