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190 Iraqi Army Soldiers Killed and Injured in US Airstrike on Mosul

A total of 90 Iraqi servicemen were killed and 100 wounded as a result of a what called mistake strike by the US Air Force in Mosul, a local news portal reported Saturday. A source in the Iraqi army confirmed the information to Sputnik Arabic.

According to the "Factiniraq" news portal, the airstrike also damaged Iraqi military hardware, and the troops had to retreat from the area.

The airstrike which occurred on Friday targeted an armored division destroying eight infantry fighting vehicles and four Humvee military trucks, the army source told Sputnik.

The Iraqi operation to liberate Mosul, which was occupied by the Daesh terrorist group in June 2014, has been ongoing since October 17.

The offensive is led by Kurdish Peshmerga fighters and Iraqi soldiers backed by Hashd Al Shabbi or Popular Mobilization Units (PMU).

Source: Al Alam

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