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1st Iranian car shipment reaches Guinea-Conakry

Tehran, Aug 8, Iran's Ambassador to Guinea Conakry Hamid-Reza Vahid Kiani announced on Monday that the first cargo of Iranian-made automobiles arrived in Guinea Conakry.

The 28 cars are a part of 20,000 vehicles to be delivered to Guinea Conakry to meet the country's need for taxis. Iran is also supposed to make an assembly line in Guinea Conakry.

Referrig to the firm's $10-million worth auto parts export to Guinea Conakry, the automaker export manager Mohsen Javan said SAIPA will export 34,000 vehicles approximately valued $200 million and auto parts worth $20 million in the current Iranian year (starting March 20, 2017).

The factory's export to Guinea Conakry includes Pride, Tiba, Tiba2, Changan CS35, Brilliance, Ario and also Rich and Nissan pickup trucks.

Javan said the firm is aiming at expanding sales and after sales services network in West African countries to develop new markets in the region.

SAIPA (Societe Anonyme Iranienne de Production Automobile) is the second largest automaker in Iran and is currently manufacturing vehicles in Iraq, Syria and Venezuela.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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