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2 Daesh ringleaders killed in western Iraq

Six members of Daesh, namely two ringleaders, were killed in Iraqi army air strikes in Al Anbar Province in western Iraq.

Speaking to Iraqi media 'Al-Maloumeh', a military source in Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) Command in Al Anbar said Daesh members were targeted while entering western desert.

During the operation, some cars were also annihilated.

According to reports, a staff from Iraqi Ministry of Trade was killed by a bomb planted in the road in Diyala Province.

Meanwhile, two Daesh fugitives were also arrested in northwestern Iraq.

An extensive military operation had been started by the Iraqi army in the desert areas in western country to chase the remaining Daesh (ISIS) terrorist elements hiding in the region, said the spokesman of the Iraqi Joint Operations Command earlier.

Special operations have been conducted in Iraq's vast western desert area, which is located between Saladin, Nineveh, and al-Anbar governorates and has many deep hidden tunnels, said General Yayha Rasoul.

Our forces are chasing the remaining Daesh terrorists in the deserts and mountains of Hamrin and Hawija, all being supported by Iraqi intelligence forces and planes, he added.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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