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2 Killed, 10 Injured in Terrorist Shelling in Aleppo Residential Neighborhood

Two people have been killed and 10 other people have been injured in a terrorists groups' shelling of the Sulaymaniyah neighborhood of the Syrian city of Aleppo on Saturday.

The militants based in the eastern part of Aleppo shelled residential area of Sulaymaniyah in the western part of the city, state news agency SANA reported. Some of the injured are in a serious condition.

The Sulaymaniyah area is inhabited mainly by Christians and was the location of the October 13 mortar attack near a school, which killed at least four children.

The Syrian Armed Forces began a large-scale military operation in Aleppo after the September 12 truce brokered by Russia and the United States collapsed less than a week after it was endorsed. A violent conflict between the forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar Assad and opposition factions as well as terrorist groups has been raging in Syria for more than five years.

Source: Al Alam

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