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2 Police Shot in Ambush, US in Nationwide Rally and Riot in Portland

Two police officers were shot early Thursday (November 10) during a SWAT operation in the Western Pennsylvania town of Canonsburg.

"What we can tell you right now is it's an ongoing investigation," said Pennsylvania State Police officer Melinda Bondarenka at a press conference.

Demonstrators took to the streets across the country for another night on to protest Donald Trump's presidential election victory, voicing fears that the real estate mogul's political triumph would deal a blow to civil rights.

Hundreds of protesters in Oakland, California walked the streets and made it onto interstate 580 , bringing traffic to a standstill. Police were on hand to oversee the mostly peaceful and orderly protests.

A protest turned riot against the election of Donald Trump in downtown Portland, Oregon escalated late Thursday when officers began pushing the crowd back, arresting people and using flash bangs and gas to disperse other protesters.

Source: Al Alam

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