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 | 2018 | January | 3

  • Iran UK envoy urges media not to incite violent rioting

    Tehran� Iranian Ambassador to the UK Hamid Baeedinejad said on Wednesday that all the states and news/social media should act responsibly not to incite violent riotings.

    Writing on his official Twitter account, he was reacting to the recent protests in …

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  • Western intelligence services trace evident in Iran riots

    Ankara Likewise Taksim Gezi Park incident, the trace of Western intelligence services is evident in recent unrests in Iran, Turkish President senior advisor Yigit Bulut said.

    Bulut made the remarks Wednesday in an interview with the Turkish Radio and Television …

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  • Turkish FM: Trump’s anti-Iran moves to lead to nowhere

    Tehran� President Donald Trump's anti-Iran accusations will lead nowhere, Ankara-based newspaper 'Daily Sabah' quoted Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu as saying.

    Trump had made the call solely because of his anti-Iran stance, and that the matter had no international dimension …

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  • Qatar parliament speaker invited to Tehran

    Doha� Qatar Parliament Speaker Ahmed bin Abdullah Al-Mahmoud was invited to Tehran to attend OIC members' parliament speakers meeting.

    Iran's Ambassador to Doha submitted letter of invitation of Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani to his Qatari counterpart on Wednesday.

    The meeting …

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