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 | 2018 | January | 1

  • نقل مؤتمر “ماريتايم ستاندرد للناقلات البحرية” إلى موقع جديد

    دبي، الإمارات العربية المتحدة، 1 أبريل 2018/PRNewswire/ — قررت مؤسسة “ماريتايم ستاندرد” نقل مؤتمر “ماريتايم ستاندرد للناقلات البحرية” لهذا العام إلى فندق أتلانتس بدبي، وذلك من أجل استيعاب الطلب المتزايد على الأماكن المُخصصة للوفود المشاركة. سيُقام هذا الحدث الذي يستمر

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  • Daesh ‘vampire’ killed in western Iraq

    Baghdad, One of the ringleaders of the Daesh terrorist group (ISIS) nicknamed 'vampire' was killed in an operation in Al Anbar, western Iraq.

    According to Iraqi security sources, Abu Taha Tunisi together with 9 other terrorists was killed in an …

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  • Syria Army declares full victory in Eastern Ghouta

    Damascus, The Syrian army declared full victory against terrorist organizations in Eastern Ghouta, hailing the military achievement as a 'crushing blow' to the Wahhabi anti-Syria scheme.

    The declaration of victory came in a statement on Saturday by the General Command …

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  • Algeria urges int’l community to support Palestinians

    Algiers, Algerian Foreign Ministry in a statement called international community for urgent support of Palestinian people.

    In the statement, Algeria condemned killing of Palestinians by the Zionist regime of Israel.

    The Zionist military forces attack on defenseless people of Palestine …

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