| 2018 | January | 11

  • Parsons Launches Critical Infrastructure Protection Solution

    Domain6  Integrates Proven Cyber-Physical Protection Technologies

    PASADENA, California, Aug. 10, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Parsons today launched an integrated portfolio of technologies and services providing critical infrastructure resilience to cyber and physical threats. Domain6™ is the world’s first fully converged …

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  • Envoy: EU trying to maintain financial channels with Iran

    Yazd, Austrian Ambassador to Iran Stefan Scholz said on Saturday that the main goal of the European Union is to maintain financial and connecting channels for use of Iran from interests of international convention of Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action …

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  • Iraq to continue normal ties with Iran

    Baqdad, Chairman of the Federation of Iraqi chambers of commerce reacted to cruel acts of the US against the Islamic republic of Iran, emphasizing that Iraq is doing business with Iran normally.

    Speaking in an interview with Arab media, Jafar …

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  • Iraq has no problem for Euro transactions with Iran

    Baghdad, Iraqi central bank in a directive announced that there is no problem for transactions with Iranian banks.

    Iraqi banks also stressed banning exchanges based on dollar with Iran.

    Having Euro transactions is based on the requirements made by the …

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  • Iran-China trade ties not to harm any country: Beijing

    Tehran, Trade relations between Iran and China will not harm interests of any other country, Reuters quoted China Foreign Ministry statement as saying in opposition to US unilateral walkaway from Iran deal.

    For a long time, China and Iran have …

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