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  • SHAREit Issued an Official Statement Regarding Data Security Incident

    SINGAPORE, Feb. 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — SHAREit today issued a statement regarding a Trend Micro report about potential security vulnerabilities in SHAREit app: SHAREit app is a leading file sharing, content streaming and gaming platform. Since its inception, billions of users have entrusted SHAREit to quickly and securely share their files. The security of our app and our users’ data […]

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  • ‫شركة أبسين تطور من الاجتماعات والعروض التقديمية تحسينًا كبيرًا باستخدام الإصدار الجديد من أبسين أيكون 3.0

    شنتشن، الصين, 19 فبراير/شباط 2021 /PRNewswire/ — تطور شركة Absen (أبسين) (بورصة شنتشن: 300389) من الاجتماعات والعروض التقديمية تطويرًا كبيرًا باستخدام الإصدار الجديد من Absenicon (أبسين أيكون) 3.0. فالإصدار الجديد من منتج Absenicon 3.0 هو منتج عرض LED لمؤتمر الكل في واحد للاجتماعات والعروض التقديمية. صُمم هذا الإصدار المطور الجديد ليكون الحل المرئي المثالي لغرف الاجتماعات الراقية وقاعات المحاضرات وقاعات الاجتماعات […]

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  • Envoy: India releases four Iranian detainees

    Four Iranian detainees were released from Bengaluru central prison upon the efforts made by Iranian diplomatic mission in Hyderabad and cooperation of the Indian officials, Iranian envoy to India said.Ali Chegeni said the Iranian detainees were taken t…

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  • Zarif: Israel expanding only A-bomb factory in region

    Minister of Foreign Affairs Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Saturday in a Twitter message that the Zionist regime us expanding Dimona, the only nuclear bomb factory in the region.Israel is expanding Dimona, the region’s only nuclear bomb factory, Zarif wr…

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  • Iran’s National Book Award winds up

    The 38th series of Iran’s National Book Award and the 28th Iran’s International Book Award wound up in a ceremony on Saturday.The closing ceremony was participated by President Hassan Rouhani and Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Abbas Salehi.Th…

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  • Iran, Russia stress consultations on regional issues

    – Iranian Ambassador in Moscow Kazem Jalali and Russian special presidential envoy for the Middle East and Africa Mikhail Bogdanov emphasized cooperation and consultations about regional issues.In a meeting on Saturday, Jalali and Bogdanov discussed bi…

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