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2nd Int’l Visual Arts Festival begins in Dezful

Dezful, The Second International Human and Environment Visual Arts Festival began on Thursday night attended by provincial and local officials at the Cultural Complex in Dezful.

For the sake of the country's culture, we all have to take our step with empathy and collective effort,' Deputy Director of the Department for Culture and Cinematic Affairs of Khuzestan Province said at the ceremony.

Naser Chenani called the festivals a valuable step for the development of the country's cultural and artistic development and said, 'Cultural festivals are a unique opportunity to give an appropriate response to the unfair wars of our enemies and their efforts to depict an inaccurate image of our culture and country'.

The Art Secretary of International Human and Environment Visual Arts Festival also said that different works from 16 countries of the world were sent to the Festival and were held more than 50 formal meetings for the cultural event.

Abdulreza Rabeti noted, '330 works had been sent from 15 countries to the Festival's Secretariat, including 22 works to the Sculpture Section, seven works in the Design Section and 58 works in the Painting Section.'

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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