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3 requests for standardization of Bushehr products globally accepted

Boushehr, General Director of Bushehr Province Standard Organization says three requests for international standardization have been approved in relation to products of Saffron, Ajwain and Ferulago angulata at International Organization for Standardization.

Mohammad Raheem Bahremand added on Wednesday, By adopting the International Standards for Saffron, Ajwain and Ferulago angulata at the request of this Directorate General at International Organization for Standardization, this standard is the only official reference for standardizing the products.'

Ferulago angulata (Schlechat) has antimicrobial properties, protective effects, and food preservation. Also due to its pleasant aroma, it can be used in perfume industry.

Trichyspermum is a kind of plant which, in addition to its use in cooking as a spice, has a medicinal and preserving effect. It is used in herbs, biscuits and edible substances and its aroma is used in mouthwashes and toothpastes. Another property of this is anti-worm and anti-insect.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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