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30,000 People a Year Taking Their Own Lives in Japan

Suicide rates have declined in Japan in recent years, but remain among the highest in the world, with around 30,000 people a year taking their own lives.

A man has been killed, and three people injured, in a gruesome explosion in a Japanese park on Sunday afternoon.

A suicide note was found stuffed inside the sock of 72-year-old Toshikatsu Kurihara, a resident of Utsunomiya, Japan, local police told CNN, after he was blown apart by an explosive device.

The incident took place near the parking lot of Joshi Park, in Utsunomiya, where a festival was being held.

Utsunomiya Police told CNN they received emergency calls saying a man was burning when they arrived, they found metal pieces in the area and a severely damaged body.

A number of locals reported hearing at least one explosion on Sunday, which left two nearby cars on fire.

Utsunomiya Fire Department officials told CNN both cars were destroyed in the fire while a nearby building was also partially burned

Source: Al Alam

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