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42nd victory anniversary of Islamic Revolution & need for dynamism

– At the time when the 42nd victory anniversary of the Islamic Revolution is being commemorated throughout Iran, it seems that the consolidation of the Revolution requires reviewing realized ideals as well as doing precise analysis on unfulfilled goals in order to pave the ground for the continuation of its dynamic path.

As a result of the outbreak of the COVID-19 and the need for observing health protocols to stop spread of the fatal disease, the Iranian people celebrate this year’s victory anniversary of the Islamic Revolution in a different way. Iranians throughout the country have been invited to take part in the 22 Bahman (February 10) march using their cars, motorcycles or bikes in order to observe health protocols and social distancing regulations.

** Elements prompted people to revolt

Economic, political and social analysts do not mention one reason for erupting of protests in the last years of the Pahlavi regime, because they believe that political tyranny, dependence to the West powers especially the US, deep religious, cultural, social and economic gaps in the Iranian society were among the most important reasons, which caused public uprising.

Unbalanced industrial and cultural development as well as the Pahlavi regime’s cultural and ideological difference with public beliefs prompted the Iranian people to create a new kind of governing system, and they trusted Imam Khomeini, who promised to empower the nation to play a key role in governing the vast country.

** Second step and realized ideals

Facts such as separation of powers and holding several elections prove that the most important ideal of the Islamic Revolution, which is upholding people’s power to determine their political destiny, have transpired.

The Islamic Republic has succeeded in cutting off political dependence on Western and Eastern powers and indigenizing industries as well as decreasing economic dependence. Therefore, the Iranians could construct dams, factories, roads and other transportation routes by themselves.

** Fighting corruption and discrimination

One of the most important difference of the Islamic Revolution with other world revolutions is that the Islamic one has involved the Iranian ordinary people in ideals and demands of the revolution; so, the people’s confidence to the revolution is very important.

The consolidation of the confidence, which was formed in 1979, should be prioritized through paying attention to public concerns such as fighting discrimination and corruption.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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