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44% growth in unloading and loading of cargo in Noshahr port

The unloading and loading of cargo in the Special Economic Zone of Noshahr Port has increased by 44% over the first nine months of this solar year, said the Director General of Mazandaran Ports and Maritime.

Regarding the nine-month report of unloading and loading operations in Noshahr Port, Mohammad Taghi Anzanpour stated: Discharge and loading operations in Fereidunkar port during this period has increased by 154% compared to the same period last year.

He added: In terms of ship access to the ports of Noshahr and Fereidoonkar, the overall performance of this office has also increased by 50%.

Anzanpour highlighted that the ports of Noshahr and Fereidounkarn have the proper equipment and facilities for unloading and loading of various types of goods. Businessmen and cargo owners can exploit the capacities available in these ports.

grains, paper and wood are the major imported commodities and agricultural products, including fruit and fruit concentrates, groceries and nuts, and construction materials are the major export commodities from Noshahr and Fereidoonkar ports.

Source: Ports and Maritime Organization

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