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47% increase in unloading and loading operations in Khorramshahr port

Unloading and loading operations in Khorramshahr port has increased by 47% in April.

Due to the uninterrupted activity in Khorramshahr port, significant increase in traffic and the volume of unloading and loading of goods was recorded in April of this year so that Khorramshahr port set a 69% growth in container unloading operations compared to the same period last year.

During the mentioned period, the traffic of container shows a growth of 6% compared to the previous year; Also, more than 70 non-container vessels with entered Khorramshahr port in April of this year.

Khorramshahr port with 20 berths and 230 hectares of hinterland enjoys the potential of Arvand Free Industrial Trade Zone and benefits from unique exemptions in the region. Khorramshahr is ready to provide facilities to investors and various shipping lines.

Source: Ports & Maritime Organization

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