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47,000 tons of exportable sulfur of Bandar Abbas Refinery offered at int’l markets in 7 months

– As much as 47,000 tons of sulfur produced by Bandar Abbas Oil Refining Company were exported over the past seven months after they were offered in the international ring of the Commodity Exchange.

Managing director of the company, Hashem Namvar said on Saturday that thanks to high quality of sulfur produced in Bandar Abbas Oil Refinery and its supply in the form of granules, it has a suitable quality for offering in global markets.

Bandar Abbas Oil Refinery is producing 240 tons of sulfur on a daily basis as one of the special products, he said, noting that the company has the capacity to produce 250 tons of sulfur in the form of granules a day.

Namvar further noted that location of the oil refinery on the shores of the Persian Gulf and access to open waters are the export features of Bandar Abbas Oil Refining Company.

Iran is the third largest producer of sulfur in the Middle East, and China, India and Pakistan are the largest buyers of the product from it.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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