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,500 regions join Peace Agreement with Syrian Army

The Russian Reconciliation Center for Syria announced in its latest statement on Monday that a sum of 1,500 towns, townships and villages have thus far joined the peace plan in war-hit Syria.

(FNA) -- The number of populated localities that have joined the reconciliation process in Syria has increased to 1,500, the Russian Reconciliation Center for Syria said.

It added that negotiations are underway with armed opposition units in the provinces of Aleppo, Damascus, Hama, Homs and Quneitra to encourage them to join the cessation of hostilities agreement.

In the meantime, Russian Deputy Defense Minister Lieutenant General Alexander Fomin that participated in the 16th International Conference on Security in the Asia-Pacific Region said that liberation of Aleppo decreased terrorists' capabilities, adding, "Reinvigoration of diplomatic interaction among warring sides in Syria is (our) priority to strengthen ceasefire agreement."

Last week, local officials reported that following implementation of the 4th phase of an evacuation deal between militants and the Syrian government the last groups of gunmen left Barzeh district and the Syrian Army troops entered the key district.

Damascus Governor General Bashr al-Saban said that the fourth phase of the evacuation deal ended after over 1,000 gunmen that refused to endorse the peace agreement with the army and their family members left Barzeh district.

He further added that a sum of 1,012 people including 455 gunmen left the district. Barzeh was one of the first districts in the Syrian capital that fell to the militants in late 2011, and now with Barzeh under the control of the Damascus forces, the Syrian government has officially cleared the Eastern parts of the province.

Source: Al-Alam News Network

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