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6 ministries’ last year’s performance, new year plans reviewed

President Hassan Rouhani had separate meetings with six ministers on Tuesday and reviewed the ministries' last year performance and their plans for the new year.

The meetings were held with ministers of Education, Defence and Armed Forces' Logistics, Industry, Mines and Trade, Science, Research and Technology, Interior, and Petroleum.

Acknowledging the hard work of six ministers, President said, Despite the intensification of pressures by the enemies of the Islamic Iran, our path is towards reaching the peaks of science, knowledge, selfsufficiency, and renovation of the country, and we will continue this path powerfully.

He added, Without a doubt, the enemies will never be able to stop the Iranian nation's development and the Iranian nation will exercise unity and resistance to reach its goals.

In all scientific and technical fields, the process of development is fast and, sooner or later, the enemies will find out that they have been gravely mistaken and they cannot undermine this process through sanctions, he added.

Source: Presidency of Islamic Republic of Iran

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