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7 million dollars of Cutlassfish hunted in Bushehr province

Bushehr, Director General of Fisheries Department of Bushehr province said the value of the Cutlassfish hunted in the waters of the province reached $7 million.

While visiting the polls for hunting Cutlassfish in Dayyer city waters, Abbasali Zendeboudi said on, "The average hunting of Cutlassfish in the recent years in the Bushehr Province has reached 3,500 tons and is predicted that by keeping this position, its economic value will rise to $7 million this year.

He said, "In the Islamic religion, eating Cutlassfish is forbidden, but it is one of the 47 Persian Gulf valuable species which is considered to be exported to Southeast Asian countries.

The official added that a special monitoring procedure has been put in place to protect the species, which monitoring by a hunting supervisor and periodic visits and an inspection of their area of hunting by trackers installed on ships are among the programs.

The hunting of the Cutlassfish is starting from May 5 and continues for 120 days in the waters of the province of Bushehr and then in the province of Hormuzgan.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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