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70 countries to attend 15th Int’l Resistance Film Festival

Tehran, This year, more than 70 countries are to attend attend the 15th International Resistance Film Festival.

Ehsan Kaveh, member of the Executive Council of the 15th International Resistance Festival, on the quality and content of works, submitted to the secretariat of the festival, said, 'Considering that the main tools and equipment are at the disposal of the authorities, we did not expect to receive works of very high technical quality but in this period great documentary works, were sent to the secretariat of the International event to the extent that we had trouble choosing them; the works are valuable not only in content while being in the direction of the festival's discourse but also in the artistic and technical quality.'

He added, 'Valuable works have been submitted to the festival's fictional section that deals with the horrible phenomena of ISIL, the childish criminality, the Zionist and Saudi cruelty, and stress on the role of oppression and its difference with the pure Islam, trying to raise awareness of the international community.'

Kaveh said the content of the films, received in the International section of the festival, was diverse.

He noted, 'This year in the international section, we have received some good works bearing such themes as 'oppression against American Indians and natives' and 'attention to resistance.'

Some of the works have been carefully scrutinizing Syria and the war-torn people, while displaying their resistance. For example, some of the works of the resistance of Kurds, Shias and Sunni Iraqis who were able to fully unite against the ISIS somehow have been effective. Meanwhile, there is a great deal of critique of the US' foreign and domestic policy.

The fifteenth International Resistance Film Festival will be held in Tehran from November 26 to 30.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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