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8 Killed, 25 Injured by Terrorist Rocket Attacks on Aleppo City

A man and his young daughter have been killed and 25 others have been injured on Monday when terrorists fired rocket shells on residential neighborhoods in Aleppo city.

A source at Police Command said that a man and his young daughter were killed and four more people got injured due to terrorist attacks with rocket shells on al-Meridian and al-Zahraa neighborhoods the city, and later the source said that terrorists fired more shells at the two neighborhoods, injuring 21 people; SANA reported.

Meanwhile, SANA's correspondent reported that civil defense teams have uncovered the bodies of 8 people from beneath the rubble of a residential building in al-Masharqa neighborhood that was struck by rocket shells fired by terrorists on Sunday, adding that efforts are still underway to clear the rubble in search of survivors.

Source: Al Alam

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