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87% of food security supplied domestically

Kermanshah, Deputy Minister of Agriculture in parliamentary affairs said that now 87 percent of the country's food security is supplied by relying on the domestic power.

Mohammad Ali Javadi added on Monday that in 2013, with the current government taking over, the country's agricultural production was 97 million tons, which increased to 122 million tons by the end of 2017.

He said that in the beginning of the current government's taking over 62 percent of the country's food security was produced inside the country, and noted, 'In 2013, in the food security sector, we depended 38 percent on foreign countries, which today has reduced to 13 percent, and now 87 percent of the food security is supplied domestically.

Javadi appreciated the efforts of all the agricultural sector activists, and added, 'By relying on the internal capacity, we can bring the agricultural sector to its real position and achieve selfsufficiency in the production of products.'

In a different part of his remark, referring on the cruel sanctions against Iran, the official went on to say, 'Today, the country is in a special situation and the enemy is entering a fullscale economic war against us, but with people's collaboration these hard days will pass like all other hard days.'

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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