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9 ISIS Militants, 27 Civilians Killed in Severe Clashes before Iraqi Forces Liberate Town

Locals in the Iraqi village of Hud took the fight against ISIS militants into their own hands and killed up to nine ISIS fighters in the past two days, British broadcaster Sky News reported.

The Iraqi military's progress towards the strategically important city of Mosul has been hampered by ISIS resistance in the town of Qayara, which is now free from the militants' control. But, in the army's absence, villagers in Hud have been rising up against ISIS and, according to Sky News, it is the only known town to do so.

Despite the village's victory, Sky News reported that two hours after the militants were killed in the street, ISIS returned and killed all those who carried out the attacks.

Eventually an Iraqi forces made their way into the town and liberated the village from the militant group, according to the report.

Sabry Abdullah, a resident of Hud and a former air force officer, says he expects there to be more uprisings in the days to come. There are fears that more uprisings could only lead to more people being killed by ISIS.

Source: Al Alam

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