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A Cornerstone for Murder: US, Israel Providing Air Cover for ISIS, Al-Qaeda in Syria

During the past 6 years, the main victims of America's regime change war on Syria have been civilians. This is while the protection of civilians during armed conflict is a cornerstone of International Humanitarian Law.

This protection extends to their public and private property. International Human Rights Law also identifies and protects particularly vulnerable civilian groups such as women, children and the displaced in terrorist-held areas. Tragically, during the conflict, and even in many of the cities and towns liberated by the allied forces of Iran, Syria, Russia and Hezbollah, civilians have been, and still are, the main victims of the US-led armed conflict and air war.

Civilians have always suffered in the war, but the brutal impact of regime change at any cost, which includes air war, full scale support for terrorism and extremism, mass extermination, indiscriminate attacks, using civilians as human shields, using women as sex slaves, pillage and internment took a high toll of civilian life. The response of the international community has to be the Fourth Geneva Convention adopted in 1949.

Before 1949 the Geneva Conventions protected wounded, sick, shipwrecked and captured combatants. The civilians' convention recognized the changing nature of warfare and established legal protection for any person not belonging to armed forces or armed groups. The protection also included civilian property. Such protection was later reinforced with the adoption of the Additional Protocols to the Geneva Convention in 1977.

International Human Rights Law provides that civilians in Syria under the power of US-backed terrorist forces must be treated humanely in all circumstances, without any adverse distinction. They must be protected against all forms of violence and degrading treatment, including murder and torture.

The protection of civilians extends to those trying to liberate (allied forces) and help them, in particular medical units and humanitarian or relief bodies providing essentials such as food, clothing and medical supplies. The warring parties, particularly the United States and its allies, are required to allow access to such organizations. The Fourth Geneva Convention and Additional Protocol I specifically require belligerents to facilitate the work of the International Committee of Red Cross.

Source: Al-Alam News Network

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