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‘A girl with a red cape’ goes to US festival

Orumyeh, The director of the West Azerbaijan Youth Cinema Association said that the short story of 'A girl with a red cape' the first work of Soroush Baghbani from Orumyeh will take part in the semi-finals of the San Francisco Festival.

Pointing out that Soroush Baghbani is the author of this short film, Ehasn Mahdian added that this four-minute work was produced in Orumyeh with Salar Hosseinzadeh,Elina Nasiry and Leyla Hoseini playing as its actors.

This film festival will be held April 10-23,2019.

The presence and shining of the short films of the Youth Cinema Association of Western Azerbaijan in more than 15 national and international festivals during 2017 depicted the increasing rise of seventh art in this province.

The association has also won 25 awards in 2015 and 2016 in more than 70 international film and photo festivals for the province.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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