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Absorbing expatriates precedes economic development

Tabriz, The head of the Secretariat of Iranian Expatriate Council called for attracting and encouraging participation of the expatriates in the country's economic development by creating the necessary conditions.

In a meeting with the mayor of Tabriz on Monday, Ali Asghar Mohammadi referred to the plight of intellectuals and capital to abroad throughout different years, and said, 'We should consider the presence and activity of Iranians in the countries of the world as an opportunity.'

He added that Iranians are now in over 120 countries and are successful and influential in the fields of science, technology, industry and investment.

Mohammadi emphasized on the necessity of using the capacities of the city council, the municipality as well as Tabriz market, the private sector and academics in attracting the investment of Azerbaijani and Tabrizi individuals abroad.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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