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Acclaimed Iranian actress: Children and youth filmmakers should be update

Tehran, An acclaimed Iranian actress said children and youth filmmakers should be updated, adding that the cinema should respect children.

Maryam Sa'adat, who has magnificent record in the children and youth cinema, said the assignment of children's films and the fact that they are 'produced for a child' or 'about a child' is not clear.

She said that children should be valued in the cinema, adding, 'We should not look simply at their needs and at the same time, we should speak simply.'

'The children understand everything,' Sa'adat said, adding that the films should be produced corresponding to their age and based on their interests.

Criticizing the artists who are not keeping fully up-to-date in the children and youth cinema, Sa'adat said at the era which the children are watching odd animations; the films that have a sluggish rhythm are not attractive for them.

She also called for formation of small but influential changes in the children and youth cinema.

Commenting on the role of international film festivals for children and youth in empowering such films, she said such gatherings are a great opportunity for talented filmmakers to produce proper films for these age groups.

The 31st International Film Festival for Children and Youth is to be held in the tourist city of Isfahanslated from August 30- September 5.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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