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Activity of oil pipelines in northern Iran resumed

Sari,Director of oil and gas pipeline company in the northern region of Iran said the transfer of oil products from the pipelines of the area that had been stopped for several days because of the pipeline burst has resumed since Tuesday.

Last Friday, a gasoline leak at the point of the northern oil pipelines in the city of Savadko had stopped the operation.

The oil pipelines of the North Oil Company announced the cause of the leakage as a burst of the pipeline due to earthquakes that struck Mazandaran twice more than four Richter last week.

Although leakage was prevented during the first hours and the area was safe, restoration of the leakage site and checking the other pipelines continued.

Arsalan Rahimi said on Tuesday, 'With the endless effort of North district managers, the 12-inch Rey-Sari transmission pipeline was re-launched into operational cycle.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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