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AEOI: Centrifuge gas feeding valves to be opened at midnight

Tehran Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) announced that in line with reducing JCPOA commitments, chains will be in passivation mode and will emit light gases tonight, adding that valves will be opened for feeding centrifuges at midnight.

According to information received from Shahid Alimohammadi enrichment site and in line with starting the 4th step of reducing nuclear commitments, an hour after the feeding cylinder was connected to the centrifuge chain and after successful completion of vacuuming process, the passivation operation started.

Then the gas injection process will be started, it added.

By midnight, the chains will be in passivation mode and will emit light gases.

After opening valves, the product will be gathered and after becoming stable in the evening, sampling process will be started.

Earlier on Wednesday, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in a message declared Iran's decision to take the 4th step of reducing JCPOA commitments, saying gas injection to 1044 centrifuges will start today.

"Thanks to US policy and its allies, Fordow will soon be back to full operation," he added.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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