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Afghan figure: Iran Revolution role model for oppressed nations

Kabul, The head of the Supreme Quranic Council of Kabul said that a system founded by Imam Khomeini after the victory of the Islamic Revolution is a role model for the oppressed peoples of the world.

Afghan figure: Iran Revolution role model for oppressed nations

Hassanzadeh said at a meeting on the occasion of the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Kabul on Tuesday that all freedom-loving people in the world would stand up to the rule of the oppressors influenced by the Islamic Revolution and the divine system.

The meeting, attended by a large number of scholars, students and academics, focused on the personality, and thoughts of Imam Khomeini, and emphasized that he was the supreme jurisprudent of the world and open-minded politician which, with the support of the awakened Iranian nation uprooted the rule of Pahlavi regime and autocracy and placed the democratic system based on religious teachings.

He stated that Imam Khomeini, with the formation of the Islamic Republic, introduced the system as a model for the Islamic Ummah and all the oppressed people around the world.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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