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Afghanistan interests related to sustainable security of neighboring states

Talking to IRNA, Head of Afghanistan's National Environmental Protection Agency (NEPA), Mostapha Zaher made the remarks on the sidelines of the international Conference on Combating Sand and Dust Storms (SDS) that is currently underway in Tehran.

He also emphasized the need for developing mutual and multilateral collaboration among the governments for tackling the environmental problems.

Hailing the Islamic Republic of Iran's efforts for combating sand and dust storms, the Afghan official said that providing the regional sustainable development would serve the interests of all countries.

Afghanistan enjoys brotherly relationships with Iran, Pakistan and India, he said, underlying that Kabul would not let some malevolent states sour this cordial relations.

Mostapha Zaher underscored that Afghanistan as an independent and a member of international community is utterly committed to implement the international obligations.

Commenting on Iran-Afghanistan disputes over share of Hirmand river water, he added the two countries presidents and foreign ministers should discussed the issue.

Hirmand River, originated in Afghanistan, is the only source of water supply for Sistan Plain in southeast of Iran and 15,000 square km of its water catchment is located in Iran.

Afghanistan is currently building Kamal Khan Dam, 120 km from the border with Iran, by the completion of which it can transfer hundred percent of the water flow in Hirmand to Godzareh in its territory.

The International Conference on Combating Sand and Dust Storms (SDS) which is being hosted by the United Nations (UN) and Iranian Department of Environment would review Challenges and Practical Solutions to the issue.

Iran is among the world countries which have been badly hurt by the SDS phenomenon.

Iranian government has mounted a national campaign to fight the SDS, and it also has had active presence in the international events, which has led to approval of four resolutions about the issue

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency � IRNA

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