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African Ambassadors in Tehran visit the MSRT

A large delegate of ambassadors of African countries, and their representatives at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, paid a visit to the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology (MSRT), and had a meeting with Prof. Salar Amoli, the Acting Minister in International Scientific Cooperation, Prof. Mojtaba Sadighi, the Deputy Minister and President of the Students Affairs Organization, chancellors and directors of Iranian universities and research centers.

In this meeting, each ambassador, briefed the attendees with a current state of their scientific cooperation with Iran, the existing obstacles in their cooperation, and elaborated on their educational and research needs. In line with, 'allocation of scholarships to African students', 'training human resources in technical and vocational courses', 'raising awareness and establishing a strategic plan for academic cooperation' where amongst the pivots of such cooperation.

Referring to the main policies of the MSRT, such as internationalisation of universities, commercialisation of research outputs and their implementation in industry, Prof. Salar Amoli, emphasised on the importance of scientific cooperation with Africa, and the need for capacity building and training human resources.

The attendees of the meeting, agreed for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to assist the MSRT in establishing a joint workshop to further discuss expansion of education, technological and research cooperation. The MSRT shall also hold separate meetings with each country to discuss the aforementioned fields of cooperation.

Source: Ministry of Science Research and Technology

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