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After Khan Sheikh, Fatah Al Sham Surrender Al-Tal to Army

After militia left town of khan Sheikh and 13 nearby districts, terrorist of Jabhat Fateh Al Sham after Years of Fighting, at last forced to surrender officially Al-Tal, key Damascus suburb to Syrian government.

Terrorist of Jabhat Fateh Al Sham (Syrian Al Qaeda or by its Former name Nusra Front) after Years of Fighting at last forced to surrender officially Al-Tal key Damascus suburb to Syrian government.

Al-Tal suburb located in northwestern Damascus and according to a military source in Damascus, the first batch of militants from Al-Tal were transported from the suburb to the Idlib Governorate, per the guidelines set forth in the joint agreement between the Syrian government and rebels.

Another group of "Syrian jihadist rebels" will be transported by the Syrian government on Saturday; these militants will be allowed to take their families with them, if they choose to go.

Civilians wanting to leave the suburb will also be given transportation to Idlib; however, they are also allowed to move to another government-held area.

Also Russian Center for Syrian Reconciliation announced that the Syrian army had established full control of the Khan Sheik strategic region in Damascus country side and 13 nearby village.

The center added that 3,000 people, including 1,846 militants and 1,164 of their families left the town to Idlib by Syrian authorities.

According to preplanned program of Russian center for reconciliation in Syria, hundred militant and three hundred of their families will travel to Idlib in the coming days.

Militia group in Khan sheikh handed over all the weapons that were in their possession to the Syrian authorities including 2 Tanks,2 heavy machine gun trucks, 4 anti aircraft , and 3 launcher of anti tank guided missiles and more than 400 light weapons.

Source: Al Alam

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