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Al-Halbousi: The timing of the Federal Court’s decision explains some people’s fear of a “the nation of Taqadum”

Baghdad -The dismissed Speaker of Parliament, Muhammad Al-Halbousi, said about the decision to cancel his membership, "the timing of the Federal Court’s decision explains the fear of some about “the nation of Taqadum ud.”

Al-Halbousi stated in a press statement: “The Federal Court’s decision will not discourage the masses from participating in the local elections.”

He added: "We will put up a 'defense wall' to protect our masses."

Al-Halbousi continued: “We will not take the streets in demonstrations, we will not organize civil disobedience, and we will not protest against decisions. We want a safe society.”

Al-Halbousi addressed Taqamud Masses, saying: “We will not block the highway as some did, and we are responsible for protecting your rights.”

Al-Halbousi concluded his press statement: “We will not allow the “Black Crows” to return to Anbar.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency