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Aleppo: Over 3,000 ISIS terrorists killed, wounded in Syrian army operations

The Syrian state news agency reported that over 3,000 ISIS terrorists have been killed or wounded in the Syrian Army troops' operations in Eastern Aleppo that have resulted in the liberation of 32 key regions, including Jarah airbase.

(FNA) -- SANA reported that 3,000 ISIS terrorists have been killed or wounded in the fresh round of the army operation in Aleppo, adding that 19 tanks, five BMP vehicles, 11 bomb-laden vehicles, six cannons, nine arms and ammunition depots, two communication and operation rooms and 61 field command posts of the ISIS were also destroyed in the operations.

The state agency added that 13 emirs and senior commanders, including ISIS's War Minister Abu Mos'ab Mesri, ISIS's Emir of borders Abdul Rahman Mataveh al-Dakhil from Saudi Arabia, ISIS's Hasaba (security and monitoring) Emir Abu Abdullah Mohammad Samih al-Kasri from Saudi Arabia, ISIS's top commander Mahmoud Adnan al-Ajam, ISIS's security Emir Abu Ahmad al-Kafir al-Abaji and ISIS's field commander Ali Nazal Qara Bash are among the ISIS terrorists killed in the army operation.

Informed sources disclosed on earlier today that ISIS has sent hundreds of terrorists and a large volume of military equipment to Eastern Aleppo to face the Syrian Army troops' devastating advances in the region.

The sources said that while the army troops are advancing rapidly toward the last positions of ISIS in Aleppo province and have recaptured tens of villages and towns and have killed hundreds of terrorists, the ISIS has started sending hundreds of fresh fighters and more military equipment to Eastern Aleppo, specially to Maskana plain, to reinvigorate its front against the army advances.

In the meantime, the ISIS-affiliated Amaq news agency released photos showing that the group has deployed tanks, BMP vehicles and scores of militants in Eastern Aleppo to bring the army's rapid advances to a halt.

Based on field reports, the army units are only 10km away from the town of Maskana, adding that should the ISIS withdraw from the town, its presence in the province will come to an end, and the army will be on the verge of entering Raqqa province.

Other sources reported that the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces continued their advances against ISIS after driving them out of al-Tabaqa city.

Source: Al-Alam News Network

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