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ALEPPO: Street Celebrations on News of Syrian Army Retaking

Aleppo streets have erupted in celebrations with people waving flags and shooting in the air as reports said the Syrian Army has taken control of the last militant-held areas in eastern part of the city, Alalam reporter reports from the ground.

While an official statement on the situation is yet to emerge from Damascus, a source close to Syrian Army headquarters told media that the army is on the brink of liberating the city.

The army has begun clearing out the last terrorist stronghold in the Salaheddin neighborhood. The terrorists are firing back and are trying to use mortars, the source told the news agency. However, the complete liberation of Aleppo could happen soon, which will be officially announced.

Meanwhile people have already taken to the streets of the war-torn city in celebrations, reported from Aleppo.

Source: Al Alam

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