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ALEPPO: Syrian Army Not to Extend Deadline, Final Battle against Terrorists Impendent

A field source in Aleppo Operations Room said on Tuesday that the Syrian Army will not give any other chance to Jeish al-Fatah terrorists and will start its final operation against militants' positions in the Eastern part of Aleppo soon.

"Terrorist groups have refuted the entire terms of the ceasefire to pull back their forces from the Eastern Neighborhoods of Aleppo to maintain security of civilians. The militants are still using civilians as human shield and do not allow them to leave the Eastern parts of the city," the source said.

"The 24-hour ultimatum of the Syrian army to the terrorists ended last night (Monday night), so the army's operation will soon start. Reconnaissance planes have carried out tens of flights over the city and its countryside and specified the targets," the source added.

Jeish al-Fatah on Monday ordered all its militants in Aleppo to stay on the alert after reports indicated that the Syrian army is preparing to launch a massive assault in the region.

The Arabic language al-Mayadeen reported that Jeish al-Fatah warned its members to stay on the alert as pro-government troops are preparing to start a fresh phase of operation, urging them to intensify security measures.

Jeish al-Fatah also called on its fighters to carry out preemptive operation in Aleppo.

A field commander said on Monday that repeated defeats of the Jeish al-Fatah coalition of terrorist groups to push the army back in Southwestern Aleppo to help their comrades lift the siege in the Eastern parts of the city proved the power and unbeatable resolve of the pro-government troops.

"Terrorists' large-scale offensives, including Abu Omar Saraqib and the Great Epic Operation, have different names but the same result. Terrorists are not able to lift the army's siege on the militant-held districts of Aleppo," the commander underlined.

"After repelling terrorists' continued attacks on government forces' positions in Western Aleppo and extension of the army's security ring in the Western and Southwestern parts of the city, the army soldiers are now ready to storm militants' centers in Eastern Aleppo," he went on to say.

"Expansion of the Syrian army's rule in the depth of the Western districts of Aleppo has ruined any chance for the terrorists to open their way into the Eastern parts of the city to lift the siege of their comrades," the commander said.

Source: Al Alam

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