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Algeria Green Dam project role model for Iran, world: Algerian envoy

Karaj, Algeria is a pioneer in anti-desertification programs and the country's Green Dam project is a role model for activities in the field in the world and in Iran as well, Algerian ambassador to Tehran said here on Sunday.

South of Algeria is suffering from sandstorms, Ahriz Abdelmoun'aam said at a scientific meeting held in the Iranian city on sand and dust storms and the challenges to the issue.

Abdelmoun'aam said people should be informed of the threats of desertification and destruction of vegetation.

He went on to say that cultural, economic and social development in high plateaus are necessary for combating desertification in order to settle local communities through absorbing public investment and the promotion of climate, water and national capacities.

The scientific meeting on sand and dust storms and the challenges to the issue was held in Karaj with participation of domestic and foreign experts who reviewed ways to combat desertification in Iran and the world.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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