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AMAZING VIDEO: Woman Who Stands Shoulder To Shoulder With Iraqi Forces Against ISIS

Wearing a camouflage cap over her headscarf, Miaad al-Jubbouri cuts an unusual figure among the hundreds of men fighting to retake a village from Islamic State ( ISIS / ISIL / Daesh / IS ) in northern Iraq.

The mother of five was the sole woman among a joint force of Iraqi army and tribal militias who attacked the village of Kanous on Wednesday (December 7) -- one of multiple fronts in a campaign to drive the insurgents from their remaining strongholds; Reuters reported.

Like the men around her, Jubbouri said her motive for taking up arms was hatred of Islamic State( ISIS / ISIL / Daesh / IS ), which overran large parts of Iraq more than two years ago, meting out brutal punishments and killing its opponents, including several of her cousins.

But unlike them, her mere presence on the battlefield goes against the weight of tradition in a society where women are more often confined to the home and seldom seen near the frontlines, except when fleeing.

"These soldiers are all my brothers. They are better than ISIS several times over, we want to wipe out ISIS entirely. All these soldiers honour us, they can place their shoes on our heads. It's an honour for me to be walking amongst the soldiers and officers, a matter of pride for me," she said.

Source: Al Alam

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