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Ambassador: “Deal of Century” aims to split Muslims

Beijing, The issue of The Deal of The Century" and US actions to declare BeitulMoqaddas as the capital of the regime Zionist, is aiming at creating division, divergence and unsteadiness among Muslim countries and justifying Israel's oppression to the oppressed Palestinian people and distorting history.

Having said that the ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran in South Korea, Saeed Badamchi Shabestari said Thursday at the Quds Day commemoration ceremony at the Iranian Embassy in Seoul, added that the Qods Day is an invaluable and elegant legacy of Imam Khomeini and a factor in the unification and solidarity of the Muslim nations of the world against world arrogance and Zionism.

He reiterated, Quds Day is the day of support for the Palestinian cause as the first Qibla of the Muslim world and the oppressed Palestinian people, against the brutal acts of the Zionist regime and one of the most important factors in the sustainability and counteraction to the evil plans of the enemies of Islam.

Iran's ambassador to South Korea emphasized the need for Muslims and nonMuslims to be informed about the dangerous intentions of the Zionist lobby and its allies in spreading the disagreement between Muslim countries.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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