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Ambassador reiterates Tehran’s support for Pres. Assad

Tehran, Iranian ambassador in Damascus Javad Torkabadi on Monday stressed Iran's support for Syrian nation and the legitimate government of the country's president which will serve the Syrian national sovereignty.

Torkabadi made the remarks during an interview with Lebanon's 'AlAhd' news.

Asked whether the Iranian president will pay a visit to Syria soon in return for the recent Tehran visit of President Bashar alAssad, he said he predicted bilateral visits to continue. He said President Hassan Rouhani will visit Syria in near future.

I believe President alAssad's recent visit to Iran was really successful and fruitful and indicated the depth of friendship and good relations between the officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Syrian people and leadership, the ambassador said.

He stressed that Iran stands by the Syrian nation and supports their vote for President alAssad. This stance is steady and we will not retreat from it.

On the eagerness of certain Arab and Muslim governments for reconciliation with the US and the Zionist regime, Torkabadi said some Arab leaders think that they can remain if they follow this inappropriate policy and humiliate themselves before the Americans and the Zionists. He emphasized that such a belief is a hollow one and these leaders cannot do so.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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