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Ambassador: Takeover of US Embassy motivated Bolivia to fight

The Bolivian Ambassador to Iran Romina Guadalupe Perez Ramos said on Monday that in 1979 concurrent with the Islamic Revolution, in Bolivia, people took in the streets leading to government buildings and chanted revolutionary slogans and the takeover of the US Embassy in Tehran energized people to continue their fight.

At the 5th annual conference on Down with the United States and lauding those who chant the slogan at the University of Tehran, Romina Guadalupe Perez Ramos said on Monday evening that the seizure of the US embassy in 1979 was a worthy act that overwhelmed the US' greatness.

The diplomat went on to say that the US has done many conspiracies throughout history. For example, there was a spy in the Bolivian PM building. As long as the CIA had a headquarters in the Presidential Office, Bolivian Army Joint Staff and a Bolivian Army Commander in Chief there was s spy. They looted all of our country's interests and reduced the value of the national currency to zero.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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