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Ambassador underscores Irish companies’ willingness to cooperate with Iran

Karaj, Iran's Ambassador to Ireland Masoud Eslami says Iran's existing capabilities and potentials are not known in the world and should be explained.

Visiting Alborz Province's Science and Technology Park on Saturday, the diplomat went on to say, "Given the negative propaganda of the enemies against the Islamic Republic of Iran and the increasing efforts in this regard, we must rely more heavily on domestic power to make progress."

"According to reports and surveys, Irish companies are willing to cooperate in the field of information and communication technology and startups and herbal plants which is expected to have effective cooperation in this regard.

EslamI made the remark that today, taking into account the sanctions imposed by the United States, the internal capacity should be used more of and with cooperation with countries that are willing to make significant progress.

Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Ireland, underlined that plant species, sunlight and suitable agricultural farms are among the capacities of Iran for the prosperity of production, are considered by Ireland.

"Given the great political and business capacities that we are witnessing in Ireland, we need to make the most of this opportunity," he said.

The Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran in explaining the situation in the country, noted, Ireland has a rapid growth in terms of gross national product, so that by establishing appropriate platforms for cooperation between the two countries in the fields of pharmaceuticals and information technology that is considered by the country we can take effective steps in the area of joint cooperation."

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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