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America’s pressures not preventing Iran from progress: Envoy

Athens, The ambassador of Iran in Greece described Iran's progress in politics, society and culture for the past forty years as impressive and expanding, saying that despite all pressures and the conspiracies of the US and its allies, Iran continues to develop.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the Iranian art festival in Greece, Majid Motabe shabestari said, 'Today, under the guidance of the Supreme Leader and the resistance of the Iranian people, the Islamic Republic of Iran has been able to become a regional power and has a privileged position even in the global arena.'

Referring to the long-standing relations between Iran and Greece in various fields, he referred to the two countries as countries with an ancient civilization, and said, 'Iran and Greece have provided valuable cultural and artistic services to the world. Indeed, Iran is the mother of the arts and culture of the East and Greece is the mother of Western art and culture.'

'Iran and Greece have had academic and cultural relations since ancient times, with a large number of books written by the world's most influential scholars and thinkers about the relationships and influences of the cultures of the two countries, and the proximity and cultural and scientific relations between the two countries have been emphasized by the world's thinkers,' Shabestari said.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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