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Ankara to support Iran in US sanctions

Ankara, Leader of the Turkish Patriotic Party, Dogu Perincek, said the US sanctions against Iran's oil exports would start for another 19 days, and Turkey would have to accompany its neighbor and should stand against this American pressure.

He described regional and global issues and stated that 'Ankara should not be intimidated by Washington's threats and should not follow sanctions against Tehran'.

The leader of the Turkish Patriotic Party emphasized the need for Turkey to accompany Iran as its most important neighbor, adding that 'resisting US sanctions against Iran will have positive effects on the economy and the growth of Turkey's production, so that, with the support of Iran, it can buy gas and cheap oil to secure its energy security'.

Dogu Perincek described the friendship with the United States as detrimental to any country, including Turkey, adding, 'Having close relations with Washington does not make any difference for us, and we should only follow their commands by establishing friendly relations, and the terrorists of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) and their demands for the formation of a Kurdish state.

The leader of the Patriotic Party emphasized, 'Turkey, by supporting Iran against US sanctions, will help strengthen its ties with Tehran, and this will help strengthen the Iranian, Russian, Turkish, Iraqi and Syrian front'.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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